That what in the early ’900 was a surname hanging at the antrance of a little establishment, is today the brand of a company spread all over the World.

The secret is in the love the Lucchi family has put in their activity and in their talent to make it grow, always making it at the forefront, but without forgetting the tradition that holds it.

Ovyé is the new look of the company, the style in which the modern woman aknowledge herself, but in her multiple aspects and in her infinite emotions: sportswoman, elegant, aggressive but sweet.

Like a splitting personalities, Ovyé woman can divide into the classic made of heels, décolletés and boots, or into the colorful sneakers that accompany her in the everyday life.

The Lucchi family has always wanted to listen to this woman, to understand her needs and to care her with the style making her feel at ease.

Homemade, what the foreigners call “Made in Italy”, is the guarantee that accompany the Ovyé making from the concept to the shop window. It’s not just a label for selling more: it’s the mirror of the devotion that Lucchi family and their employees put in the product they create and propose.

On a side the italian labor, the tradition and on the other side the attention to details, innovation of the materials, and the look right to the future. These are the bases of a label that’s the symbol of quality and avant-garde all over the World.

One hundred years have passed since Giovanni Lucchi made his first pair of shoes in Piumazzo, near Modena, and still today this magnificent story keeps surprising us.